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Old school Nintendo will always be part of my generation's past time. It was my first gaming system and I still remember the day that my parents brought it home. I recently became interested in acquiring a Nintendo for old time reminiscing. Sure, I have an XBox, but it's just not the same. I looked online and at local stores and I noticed that it was hard, if not impossible, to find some of my favorite games. This is what started my interest in NES emulators and ROM's for the PC. This seemed like the easiest and best solution. I had all of the games at my disposal and I never had to blow on any of the cartridges to get them to work.

However, there was always one thing that bothered me about playing on my computer; it just doesn't have the same feel without the controllers. I looked around online and discovered companies that created adapters to connect a controller up to the computer, but they were all either ridiculously overpriced or used a serial connector (my computer does not have any serial ports.. All USB). This is why I started to seek out a way to inexpensively connect an authentic Nintendo Controller to my PC.

For those interested, I will go through all of the steps to create your very own USB NES Controller. However, if you are not interested in HOW it is done and just want the HEX files and the schematic, you can skip to the downloads section. However, I have a feeling you'll be going back and re-reading the entire article when your controller doesn't work… ;)

Note: I'll leave the old version of this up for a while for anyone interested or looking for the old version of this tutorial. This version is still in the process of being fixed up, hopefully done soon (4/11/06).