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CodeView is a source beautification tool for developers. CodeView takes source code written in C/C++ (other languages to be added at a later undetermined date) and formats it to your personal coding style. CodeView is robust enough to handle any code formatting options that you can imagine. It is an excellent tool for developers who have to maintain a company's coding standards but wish to write the code in their own style. It takes only a second to convert hundreds of lines of source code to any format you design.

Feature List
  • Remove all comments
  • Insert file header comments
  • Insert function headercomments
  • Convert text files between Unix (or Linux) and Windows
  • Wrap code to a user-defined character limi
  • Indent source code, now includes Smart Identing
  • Convert tabs to spaces
  • Convert source code to webpages for easy posting on the internet
  • Make source code readable or conform to your company's coding standards
  • Many many more, download it


Nov 9, 2001 -- CodeView is no longer under development and has been cancelled.